eFoodsDirect vs. WideFoods: Storable Food Comparison
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eFoodsDirect vs. WideFoods: Storable Food Comparison

In this report

It does make a lot of sense to be prepared at all times. Disasters happen without warning, so it is always wise to stock up on food that will sustain you and your family during such troubled times. It’s nice to know that online stores like eFoodsDirect and Wise Food Storage have the capability to supply you with storable foods that take very little time to prepare. Freeze-dried and dehydrated, the foods are guaranteed to taste great and can last up to 25 years!

The availability of the products of eFoodsDirect and Wise Food Storage is appreciated during emergency situations. But college students, career persons, backpackers, hikers, campers, and anybody looking for quick but healthy meals may also benefit from the nutritious, affordable, and easy to prepare offerings of eFoodsDirect and Wise Food Storage.

#1 - eFoodsDirect   http://www.efoodsdirect.com


eFoodsDirect’s Garden fresh and Nutriversal line of products consist of dehydrated fruits and vegetables and ready-to-eat meals, respectively. eFoodsDirect is best for vegetarians and health buffs since all food supplies are vegetable-based and contain no MSG, no transfats, and no hydrogenated oil. If you are the type of person who is conscious of nutritional values when doing your grocery shopping, you will be glad to know that buying eFoodsDirect products eliminates the need to scrutinize the food labels.

There are two things that make eFoods different from its competitors. For instance, it has a Layaway program that enables you to reserve your food and then you can pay for it in 30 days, 90 days, or within a 6-month period. eFoodsDirect also sends out 6 free samples, which is several times more than its competitors can do.


But eFoodsDirect could have been a lot better if it offers a food calculator, too, just like its major competitor Wise Food Storage.


eFoodsDirect appears to be more affordably priced than Wise Food Storage with its yearly food supplies costing just between $1,598-1744 whereas at Wise Food Storage you’ll be spending $4,495 at least. eFoodsDirect’s 6-month supply package only costs $1339, while Wise Food Storage’s package for 6 months costs between $2,450 and $3,795.

Here’s a look at the price list of eFoodsDirect’s other products:

Case Lots (mostly consisting of 96 servings)

  • o   Breakfast - $58.75-188.50
  • o   Breads - $20.50-72.75
  • o   Soups - $104.50
  • o   Entrees - $139.95
  • o   Snacks – 169.95
  • o   Beverage - $199.95 – 203.50

Monthly Food supplies

  • o   Good for 2 months - $399.95
  • o   Good for 3 months – $769

Weekly food supplies

  • o   Good for 1 week – $74.50
  • o   Good for 2 weeks – $138.50
  • o   Good for 4 weeks – $259.95

Freeze dried veggie pack consisting of 12 cans of vegetables (assorted) - $199.95

Freeze dried fruit pack consisting of 12 cans of fruits (assorted) - $339.95

#2 - Wise Food Storage   http://www.wisefoodstorage.com

Wise Food Storage edges out competitors with its smart packaging and food storage calculator feature. Wise Food Storage’s ready-to-eat meals come in nitrogen-flushed pouches or mylar bags that guarantees to maintain freshness and quality of the food. Since the food products come in pouches, they are easier to store, requiring very little storage space. Moreover, Wise Food Storage takes security a step further by placing the pouches in square plastic containers/buckets with grab-and-go-handles and re-sealable pull tab lids.

Wise Food Storage’s Food Storage Calculator is extremely useful when trying to find out how much food your family needs during a particular period of time. You only need to enter how many adults and kids in your household and the Food Storage Calculator totals your serving requirements and even suggests which Wise Food Storage food packs are most ideal under the circumstances.


Wise Food Storage can send out just one free sample, whereas eFoodsDirect, its competitor, is able to send customers 6 samples for free.


Following is a price list of Wise Food Storage food supplies:

  • Gourmet outdoor meals (good for 2 weeks) - $179-239
  • Cook-in-the-pouch entrees (good for 3 days) - $59
  • 56 servings Breakfast and Entrée (assorted) – $120
  • 60 servings Entrée (assorted) – $135
  • 84 servings Breakfast and Entrée (assorted) – $179
  • 120 servings Entrée – $259
  • 120 servings Breakfast – $198
  • One month supply – $450-690
  • 3-months supply – $1,350-2,060
  • 6 months supply – $2,450-3,795
  • 1 year supply – $4,495-6,650
The Bottom Line

Both offer quick and affordable solutions to emergency situations with a variety of storable foods that guarantee a long shelf life. The fact that both offer vegetable-based products makes them ideal to health-conscious individuals and vegetarians. If you are very particular about MSG and transfats, though, you can feel safer and more secure with eFoodsDirect because it specifically states that its products are free of MSG, transfats and hydrogenated oil.

I find Wise Food Storage to be a good choice, too, because of its smart packaging system that gives additional assurance of the freshness of the products. I am also impressed with its intelligent food calculator that suggests how much you and your family need for a particular period of time.

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