Nitro-Pak vs. eFoodsDirect: Side-by-Side Emergency Food Comparison
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Nitro-Pak vs. eFoodsDirect: Side-by-Side Emergency Food Comparison

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Nothing beats eating meals you prepare and cook yourself. Then again you cannot simply eliminate the fact that there are circumstances when you are unable to do all the cooking yourself. When disaster strikes, for instance, or when you are going on camping trips or simply need to be away from home for a few days, are situations that warrant an appreciation of the availability of storable foods and ready-to-eat meals. Online stores like Nitro-pak and eFoods Direct offer dehydrated and freeze dried food supplies that have a very long shelf life and which are healthy and nutritious. The food supplies are conveniently packed, and they require very little preparation time, if at all. Nitro-pak and eFoods Direct are great for emergencies, backpacking and camping trips, and they offer solutions to food shortage and other economic problems.

#1 - Nitro-Pak

Nitro-pak has an advantage over eFoodsDirect in that it offers not just food supplies, but survival kits, first aid kits, light sticks, flashlights, hand warmers, and all things one might need to respond to disasters and emergency cases. It is essentially a one-stop shop for disaster preparedness and trips to the great outdoors. In addition, Nitro-pak has over 80,000 products in stock and ready to ship.

Also in Nitro-pak’s favor are the free shipping on orders above $100, the 120-day guarantee, and the Price Match Guarantee that beats the lowest price anywhere else.

Being in the business for 25 years is proof of its reliability when it comes to providing high quality food supplies to consumers.


I am not very satisfied with how Nitro-pak presents its products, though. The products don’t appeal to me at first glance, and unlike eFoodsDirect, Nitro-pak does not offer Free Taste.


Nitro-pak guarantees to offer the lowest prices, and challenges to match the price of any similar item found to be lower-priced elsewhere. Just to give you an idea, here’s a price list of a few Nitro-pak products:

Freeze dried fruits - $22.99-39.99

MRE (Meal-Ready-To-Eat) featured products

  •        Meal pouches – as low as $5.61
  •        Individual meal – $11.50
  •        Deluxe good for 3 days - $59.99
  •        Basic good for 3 days - $32.50

Survival kits

  •    executive 72-hour kit for 2 persons - $139.99
  •    1st aid kit survival essentials - $16.99
  •    1st aid kit comprehensive - $168.99
#2 - eFoodsDirect

eFoodsDirect is focused on storable food supplies in raw form, although it also sells products like recipe books, cookbooks, portable stoves, water filters, and water purifiers – basic things you would need to survive the days you are away from home.

eFoods Direct’s products come in two forms, the Garden Fresh Pantry products which have been basically dehydrated, and the Nutriversal products, which are essentially the same as Nitro-pak’s MRE meals.

There are several things that I admire most of eFoodsDirect – its customer-friendly website, its honesty, and the fact that it offers Free Taste. eFoods Direct has a rather engaging and informative website. eFoodsDirect’s case lots appear in mouthwatering images and in several categories – breakfast, entrée, soups, bread, snacks, and drinks, making it easy for you to locate what you want and need. By simply going through the tips and advices alone makes you a smart shopper.

I have to give it a five-star rating for its honesty in telling consumers to prefer dehydrated foods to freeze-dried foods, even though eFoodsDirect also sells freeze-dried foods. The store also guarantees a long shelf life of all its products but strongly recommends their consumption before the end of 15 years.

eFoodsDirect is so confident of its products that it is willing to send you samples to try for free, which is pretty amazing because not any of its competitors does that.


eFoodsDirect does not offer free shipping and price match guarantee, and it has a limited inventory of supplies and accessories, as it is extremely focused on food supplies.


Here’s an idea of how much you would be spending on eFoodsDirect products:

  • a one year food supply for one adult - $1,598.00-1,744.00
  • a two-month grab and go pack -  $399.95
  • a three-month responder pack -  $769.00
  • a one-week responder pack - $74.50
  • a four-week responder pack - $259.95
  • the freeze dried veggie pack comes at $199.95
  • the freeze dried fruit pack comes at $339.95
  • drink case consisting of 6 cans of juice costs $203.50
  • the Grab and Go accessory kit that includes a water purifier and a portable stove costs $109.95
The Bottom Line

Both online stores take away the hassle of preparing and cooking food on your own. Both have their products conveniently packed, so either one makes for a good choice. Both Nitro-pak and eFoodsDirect are especially suited to single ladies and bachelors, students, and career persons who are on a budget and who do not want to go through the trouble of cooking anymore.  Nitro-pak appears to be more affordable, though. Its MRE pouches come in budget-friendlier sizes, and one pouch alone which you can get for as low as $5-6 can already provide a decent meal to college students and backpackers. It also being a one-stop shop for emergency and disaster supplies makes Nitro-pak a better online shopping destination, indeed. 

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