Things People Normally Forget
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Things People Normally Forget

Things we tend to forget and most likely to be neglected from day to day activities such as insurance, back-up mobile contacts and others.

In our day to day left and right activities, there are things we tend to forget in our life. Our day is occupied with household chores, taking care of the kids, do some errands, go to work, computer stuff like checking emails, update our social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, write articles, update our blogs and many other things we try to squeeze on a day. Oftentimes we feel the stress running to our nerves that we tend to forget the important things that needs our attention.

Here are things most likely to be neglected:

Have a personal insurance that would cover up the memorial services. Death topic is taboo for some people who wants to think only of the present. But purchasing one is a smart move in facing reality that anything can happen to anyone from your family. If you are a parent, it is also to prepare your children for anything that could happen to you. A preparation of "Last Will of Testament" is also advisable even if do not feel like the time is up. Better to be ready than to be stressed when that time comes.

Call a professional electrician to check house wirings. If your house was built more than 10 years ago, most likely you already need to house electrical wirings. Most reports showed fire incidents are caused by faulty wirings. It is to make sure that our house and family are safe. Keep medical records of the family for easy reference. Even if the health insurance or the hospital keeps medical records, it is still better to have a personal record specially with the children. The last date hospitalized, previous medicines taken and other pertinent health information.

Back-up mobile contacts. Keep your contacts intact by writing it to a hardcopy list or synchronized it with your computer or IPod since this integrating data is much easier now than before. Mobile phones are indispensable thing to most people as communication plays a large part today for personal or business purposes. Important notes and personal contacts are stored on phones which can be lost in one snap, and in most cases when it happens regrets comes next for not securing a back-up.

Secure digital archives of your important documents. Protect your important documents from unexpected incidents like fire, flood and robbery. Scan passports, house land titles, important receipts, work related documents and many others that you think deemed important to you. If you have a house insurance, review the inclusions since some insurance policies have loopholes and make sure you understand the policy. Ask for a checklist requirement form in advance so you can plan ahead.

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Comments (9)

Thank you for reminding Simplyjo. It is time for an electrical check. Have two outlets I am suspicious of. You are right. We have involved ourselves in so many things, we are not keeping track of the really important.

Good reminder to do such things.

Great article! There are so many activities and tasks competing for our attention these days that it is all too easy to forget some very important things!

seriously, backing up your contacts list is a great idea. Since we are not forced to remember phone numbers anymore, Im lost without my contacts list.



Great list and some good reminders to fix it so these things are not forgotten.

These things can work for us in any kind of disaserous situation. Thanks for sharing

Nice job on this!  Promoted!